Saturday, July 5, 2014

Quenton & Mayela's blue & yellow heart-shaped wedding

I must confess…I was dreading making this heart-shaped wedding cake. I was afraid it would be incredibly difficult - I'm really accustomed to doing rounds. Turns out, making hearts is even easier! It's really obvious if the layers are off-set, so it was smooth-sailing right from the get-go. This is definitely the closest to perfection I've come in wedding cakes :) I hope to make many more sweet heart-shaped cakes in the future.

The bride & groom decided on all filled cupcakes: yellow butter cake filled with lemon curd, fresh raspberry puree, and blueberry puree. Chocolate cupcakes filled with raspberry puree, as well. Vanilla bean buttercream on all but the blueberry-filled, which got topped off with lemon buttercream. Yum!

Event coordinated by the wonderful Becky Hart of Event Crush!